Four Fun and Easy Ways to Refresh a Room on a Budget

Can you believe an entire room “refresh” was sparked by my son watching Youtube videos?!?

Let me give you a little back story. My son has a recent obsession with Nintendo Amiibo’s. He likes all things Nintendo, but collecting these figurines has really struck his fancy. If you’ve never heard of an Amiibo – they are (pretty detailed) plastic figures with a chip embedded into the bottom. When the Amiibo chip is placed on the Nintendo remote that specific character unlocks certain abilities or specialties within the game. But, I digress, after watching several videos on Amiibo collections Ridge started inquiring about having a special shelf in his room to display his collection. Which, turned into a discussion about being able to access the shelf, which turned into rearranging furniture, and eventually led to an agreement on giving his room a big boy “face lift” as part of his birthday gift. Which, pretty much made my entire February! Here’s a quick pic of the state his room was in before we started. This is the room we moved him into after transitioning from a nursery. We painted the walls and added a few decor items but it never really received much TLC. (I never even hung curtains! 😮 )

For his refresh, we weren’t going to be changing the wall color, the flooring, the furniture, or any of the main elements of his room. They are all in perfectly great working condition and we didn’t want to begin a complete make over on a short timeline. But, we wanted to give him an updated feel and a space that more accurately suits his current likes and personality. So, without further ado…here is the AFTER and four of my best tips for refreshing a room on a budget!

1.) Furniture Placement: I started by changing the layout of the furniture. The original positioning didn’t make the best use of the space, and I’m so glad we moved things around! We moved the bed against the wall, changed the location of his toy storage and dresser, and even moved the mounted television to an entirely different wall. This really opened up the floor for alllllll the playing! One of the easiest ways to give a room a new feel is to change the layout! Bonus, it’s FREE!

2.) Accent Walls: Another way to spruce up a space is by adding an accent wall. There are several fun ways to do this; wallpaper, wall decals, paint, or even Sharpie to name a few! (Have you guys seen some of the Sharpie Walls out there????) I’m obsessed with wall paper and how it can change and define a space! But again, being short on time and wanting to do this on a small budget, I didn’t want to go that route. Soooooo, I found these individual Swiss Cross Wall Decals – they are removable and re-positional AND it took me just under an hour to apply them. WIN! Seriously, y’all they were SO easy and pack such a huge punch in changing up this space! I also swapped out the mismatched storage cubes that he had, for these matching Navy Striped Storage Cubes.

3. Updating Decor: Swap out small items like curtains, lamps, rugs, bedding, and pillows to make a room feel brand new in a hurry! I added new curtains and updated his current Dino lamp to a sleek Silver Floor Lamp ( I tried to add a new rug but that turned out kind of crazy! I purchased a larger Navy Blue Rug and actually turned our carpet BLUE! So, it got returned and I haven’t bought a new one yet). I ended up using the existing bedding and rug.

4. Fun Details: Ridge had also mentioned how neat he thought it would be to have a “Lego” wall in his room. I’ll tell you, I get my best ideas at night people! I’m sure I’m not the first person to come up with this solution and you might be surprised at how easy this is – but here goes….. I used six of the largest Lego Classic Base Plate’s and hung them with Command strips! THAT’S IT! (Word of caution – make sure you apply the command strips thoroughly to the back of each panel, lining the edges and middle of the plate – I only applied to the edges and if the Lego’s are pulled too hastily or become stuck it pulls the middle of the plate off the wall (unless you tack it down with a strip) – but, because my son is older, this hasn’t been an issue for us) If the Lego wall were an addition to the room that Ridge might want to keep around for several years I would have made an effort to frame it out. But, at seven years old, I think the easy peasy method will work great for us!

Another fun element I added was the LED Strip Lights to the back of his television. I’m not usually one to go all “flashing neon lights” with my decor, but I really wanted this to be a FUN space for my son and I felt like it fit with our “gamer” theme! And, I’m glad I did, because he LOVES it! They are under $15 dollars, come with a remote, display several different colors and modes, and are CRAZY easy to apply – think: peel, stick, and plug!

When Ridge was in the Superhero phase, we used the (above) red frames to display four vintage Superman and Batman comic books that belonged to my husband when he was a child. I wanted to re-purpose the frames for the make over so I found a set of Mario water color printables on Etsy and printed them from our home printer. I paid less than $10 dollars for four images! Always use Etsy as an affordable and easy way to find art work!

Here is his famous Amiibo Shelving! We were lucky enough to have the unit already so we added a fun DIY Light Box and some Clear Globe String Lights around the bed to really set the mood! (I just removed bulbs near the bottom of the string for safety – but, look for a plastic option or hang them higher for younger kids, of course 🙂

All in all, the refresh came in at just under $200a! As always, I’d love to hear and see about the projects you are working on and I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about the process or resources for this room! Leave a comment here or find me on Instagram @thejesswalkermomspot .

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