10 Transitional Fall Wardrobe Must-Haves

Calendar wise, Fall is officially here y’all! But lets be real, it’s officially the time of year where you need a sweater in the morning and regret it by 3pm! (and then, need it again by 8pm) So, it’s important to build the foundation of your wardrobe with items that can transition through the temperature fluctuations but also become items that can hold their own into winter! The pieces also need to be versatile enough to use over and over in different ways to create new looks (because, girls, money just doesn’t grow on trees, amiright?!?). So, without further ado, here are my ten transitional Fall wardrobe must haves!

1. A Chunky, Cozy Cardi: These are perfect for layering and can be dressed up or down. But, most importantly, they go with anything!!!! Jeans, leggings, shorts, joggers, workout tights, skirts, slacks……… I tend to gravitate toward a neutral color so that I can pair it with anything, but, I’m also in love with fall colors like Rust or Olive Green!

2. A V-Neck Tee: Shoot for a black and white stripe, white, or other neutral color and a fit that has enough length so that you can front tuck, knot, or cover the goods when wearing leggings!

1. Blush V-Neck 2. Striped V-Neck 3. White V-Neck

3. A Comfy Pair of Boyfriend/Girlfriend Jeans: My personal favorite are full of distressing but there are lots of options out there! Wear them with a cute pair of mules or a fun pair of booties!

4. A Fun Pair of Leopard Mules or Flats: Because, leopard is a neutral y’all! And, if you aren’t in to mules, there are some SUPER cute flats out there right now! Perfect for the classroom or office too!

1. Steve Madden Flats 2. Steve Madden Mules 3. Target Flats

5. A Button Down Flannel or Plaid Shirt: Depending on your region you may want to buy a heavier or lighter version of this top. Because I live up North I sprung for the flannel material but there are tons of light, cotton versions as well! If you aren’t a fan of plaid – no worries- look for a solid version! Again, I’m all about the Olive Green color!

6. A Striped Tee or Thermal: Lately, black and white stripes have also become a neutral! I love this Waffle Dolman Tee because its got great length but is also SO COZY! Perfect for layering or wearing alone. I went with a heavier, long sleeved version but there are also short sleeved, lighter weight options out there.

1. Target Striped Tee 2. Peplum Striped Tee 3. Waffle Dolman

7. Basic Black Leggings: There are a few things to look for when shopping for a black legging. One, thickness. Gals….. no body wants a thin legging! And, imo, high (suck all the post baby body parts in) waist. Right now, some trends to look for are moto leggings or faux leather, which can add some flair to your every day! Check out the Spanx legging options!

1. Spanx Faux Leather 2. Target Split Knee 3. Target Faux

8. An Everyday Bootie: Guys! These can go with, literally, everything!!!! Shorts, leggings, jeans, skirts, dresses….you name it! You might already have a cute pair in your closet, but if you don’t, look for one with a lower heel for comfort and style!

1. Target Bootie 2. Steve Madden 3. Nordstrom

9. An Oversized Hoodie or Sweatshirt: Athleisure is SO on trend right now that there are TONS of cute sweatshirts, that are also stylish and perfect for days when you need some extra comfort!

10. A Flattering Pair of Joggers: If you’re like me, joggers and flattering didn’t always go in the same sentence. But, don’t give up! They are out there! My favorite are this pair from American Eagle! They are similar to a workout tight, but, made out of the softest and most comfortable fabric! These are versatile enough you can wear them dressed down or with a fun flannel or cardi.

1.AERIE Joggers 2. AERIE Joggers 3. Target Joggers

11. A Fashionable Pair of Sneakers: Several months ago, during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, there were a pair of Adidas sneakers that kept catching my eye! I didn’t buy them at the time, but y’all, I couldn’t wait anymore! These are just the cutest, but, there are plenty out there that can work well for your Fall wardrobe staple!

1. Nordstrom Adidas 2. Wedge Sneakers 3. Kohls Adidas

12: A Few Extras: And, as always – some things that you can’t go wrong having in your wardrobe! Gold hoops, your favorite ball cap (I like the floppy kind), a super cute cross body, and a fun scarf!

1. Leopard Crossbody 2. Adidas Hat 3. Gold Hoops

I hope you guys are feelin’ the Fall wardrobe vibes after this! Shout out to all the fashion bloggers that write posts like this all day err day! It’s serrrrrious!

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