5 Budget Friendly Ways to Refresh Your Living Room

Recently, a friend of mine reached out to me and asked if I’d help give her living room a little refresh. My answer was, “OF COURSE!”. Her living room was always beautiful but she expressed wanting to make some changes and updates in order to make the space feel more serene and peaceful. Guys, BLESS this woman, I’ve never done decor or styling in anyone’s home but my own and working with her was so easy and fun! Continue reading

The Easiest and Best Way to Hard Boil Eggs

Picture this: A tired mom stumbles out of bed and wakes her school aged kids to start the whole morning routine thing. As she’s gulping down coffee she opens the fridge to see what she can throw together and call breakfast and provide nourishment for their little brains and bodies. There’s a flash of relief when she realizes she has done some semblance of meal prep – or, in actuality, hard boiled a few eggs. She grabs the eggs and then promptly spends the next 10 minutes prying tiny pieces of egg shell off the egg because it desperately wants to remain attached, apparently. And finally, she manages two mangled egg whites and plops them on a plate, thinking, “There’s got to be a better way!”.

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